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“To me, style is a way to say who you are”

Hi! I’m Karim

I think I was a happy child. To be honest, I remember most of my childhood. I was born in Cairo Egypt and have lived in Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the UAE.

To me, memories are a funny thing, just like the picture above. I have three prominent memories as a child: 1. My brother Amr and I making a contribution to our family business in Iraq, by selling desserts with our father at the market 2. My father buying me a sewing machine in Iraq and being totally enamoured by it. 3. The frosty snowballs hitting my two older brothers Amr & Haitham during the chilly Jordan winter months.

My family and I moved to Jordan when I was 9 years old. I remember my walks to school; counting 2500 stairs on my way, climbing the tree in our garden to pick white berry’s for the first time, falling in love with dates, and my first experience feasting on magloba at kefah’s house.

I always loved school. Not only was it a place that fed my curiosity, it was also a place where I developed my first hobby, football. At age 11, we moved back to Egypt and I started working at my fathers clothing factory. This experience built my work ethic In my early years. I would go straight after school to earn pocket money. Creating a dress from A – Z was my first major accomplishment. Although, things took a turn following a disagreement with my dad, which meant I decided to fund my own living from 18. I left the factory.

family is at the heart of everything, I went back to the factory 2-3 years later and introduced a new business model to my father. wholesale. After this proved to be the most lucrative model, I gained a promotion.

A few years went by, and I was set on University, not because I wanted to pursue higher education. But to establish my independence. I studied a degree in quality control engineering mechanics, I soon came to realise it wasn’t my passion. I took a leap of faith and decided to rekindle my foundation, a passion for retail and fashion.

I can proudly say I have worked for several well known fashion houses across the middle east. In terms of personal endeavours I was appointed a stylist position for talk show hosts and Alist actors. Due to my extensive personal network I gained the opportunity to open my first business, a cosmetic dentistry.

Selling it was a major regret in life.
“They say, good things come to those who wait”.
By the age of 24 I had achieved majority of the things I desire, my dream car and first home.

After a very short stay in Kuwait, I landed my dream role “Regional Support Manager ME”
in Dubai, I finally gained an opportunity to pursue a career in fashion, I haven’t looked back since. Sky diving in 2017 thought me to take a leap into the unexpected, I’ve taken Instagram
on as one of my passion projects. Recently, I landed my first modelling gig for the department store Robinsons.
Ideally I will be working for myself, in the near future. To follow in my fathers footsteps, my brother Amr and I will be work on a clothing brand together. Who knows what the future holds.


Thank you so much for reading!

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